Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wow, where has the past week gone?

I cannot believe its been over a week since my last post.  Weather hasn't been brilliant.  It snowed just a little bit, nothing like they have had on the east coast of the US.  I've been wishing it would snow all week but didn't want any today.

Tonight is the first night of the 'Happy Hookers Crocheting Group' meet up, all bar one of use are complete beginners, and I include me in that group to.  So hopefully weather permitting, I should have a some happy hookers around mine tonight crocheting, well maybe a little crocheting and a lot of chatter.

I have a work in progress on my hook at the moment, its a surprise for someone, I've nearly finished, the the recipient has received it I will post a piccie on here.

Catch up soon everybody, and stay warm x

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