Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another crochet Project.

Its been quite a busy couple of day.  I have set up a crocheting group.  Oh yes, I am well a truly 'hooked'. We meet once a month at my house, there are 8 of us all together, and could raise to more. Only four of us managed the first meet up due to the bad weather.  It was good fun though, lots of chats and giggles.

On to other projects.  Firstly, operation clean up is still going strong, I thinking I am just over half way on sorting out my craft room. What a mess,  Boy do I have some stuff.  Lots went on the Face book selling pages, no doubt to be spent on more craft stuff.  When its all finished and neat and tidy I will put it on here. Whenever, that might be.   Secondly, I finished a little dog blanket for a crafting friend who is now the owner of the cutest little Cockapoo called Olly, so I decided to make a little dog blanket for him.

Isn't he lovely.

Catch again soon.  

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