Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Been away for a While Now!!

Ok haven't been on here much lately, things to do, people to see, I've decided that this is going to be a bit of everything blog not just crafts. Soooo here goes.

First things first, as you can probably hear, I've now added some music, only taken me three months to work out how to do it, give me another three months and I might be able to add a flicker photo thingy too.

Last march I started up a book group with a couple of friends and mums from DS school, well its still going strong, even with all our busy lives, we meet up once every six weeks, each taking in turn, and the one whose house it is gets to choose the book. The last one was mine so I chose The Story of Forgetting - Stefan Merrill. Ok confession, I chose it because I like the front cover, it could almost be a scrapbook page. I let you know what its like.

Spent the weekend sorting out my craft cabin, bought some cheap little white drawers from the pound shop, and now have organised embellishments. Finally decided that I don't need my clip-it-up, so I'm going to sell it of UKS, when I get around to taking a picture.

Decorating DS bedroom, decided that as he was now 11 (where have those years gone) it was about time we updating his room, so we've taken down the Laura Ashley boat boarder, that took almost a day, I think we must of put it up with superglue.

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