Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Little Craft Cabin

I saw these cabins at a County show about four years ago, and just fell in love with them. As the were more money that a normal garden shed, I started saving, hence why its only just finished. So last Summer I took delivery of my cabin, on two huge pallets, it took DH and I one whole weekend to sort out and check all the pieces and to square off the base. Two more weekends to put up the cabin layer by layer, 22 layers in all and to put the roof on and stain it. Yes we are still speaking. :LOL: My task was deck it out as cheap as possible. So I begged, borrowed and stole, well almost!
I keep it warm by a small plug-in radiator on a timer. Not sure how long I will have this for as DH and DS have their eyes on it for doing their airfix and warhammer in.

Update:  Picture of the cabin in the snow last winter.


Anonymous said...
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karen said...

I recognise this cabin from UKS!! Hello Ally :) hope you are well. Karen from the old Sizzling Scrappers (can't believe I actually remembered our name lol)x

Ally said...

Oh wow Karen, lovely to hear from you, how are you, are you still scrapbooking ?

karen said...

lol hi Ally, I have a few books on the go but never seem to get around to doing any :( but hope to change that this year. x